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مواقع إخباريه

كلية التربية للعلوم الانسانية

موقع تعليمي منوع

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awok is one of the UAE’s fastest growing online shopping portals providing a large collection of branded products catering to different categories like mobile phones, accessories, jewellery, sunglasses, perfumes, watches etc. This 24x7 best online store has operations localized across the UAE, and offers buyers a wide range of products. We offer a variety of consumer lifestyle and electronic products online, practically eliminating the need of visit malls to purchase after hours of waiting and trying. All of products are stocked carefully in our warehouse, from where they are delivered to customers’ at their doorstep in a well-organized and responsible manner. We offer multiple ways of payments like credit/debit card and cash on delivery to our customers when they purchase products from our online store. Our website offers an interactive display of products that enable our customers to make the right choice when it comes to buy online. provides to a user-friendly check-out, quick delivery, hassle-free return policy, and superb customer service. This is possible as we have a team of passionate staff who are highly experienced and dedicate their best to all our customers. Since its inception in 2013, has emerged out to bring latest products in a manner which is easy and memorable to our customers. At, we aim to offer our customers, a world-class online shopping experience that is incomparable to anyone.

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برامج بوكس

برامج بوكس تحميل برامج كمبيوتر وموبايل مجانا.

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حمص نيوز

حمص نيوز - أخبار سورية على مدار الساعة ينقلها فريق من الشباب التطوعي الذين يبذلون اقصى جهدهم لنقل الحقيقة في كل ما يتعلق في بلدنا الحبيب سورية

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